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Kefi Link Icon design above is based on the idea that accessing information is a daily need for most of us.
Removing Language Barriers
Online services help with translations into most languages.
But few of us have multiple language keyboards or key pads installed on our end points.

Even where those keyboards are installed there’s often a lack of familiarity with which keys relate to which alphabet characters or punctuation.

That’s why the design above was created using only symbols.
Admittedly it’s for those parts of the world which read left-to-right, top to bottom.
Use of the Kefi Link Icon
The intention behind using the Kefi Link Icon is two-fold……

To form a link between the symbols….

To signify that an action (tap, scan, click) is anticipated to get to the information.
Possible uses
For environments frequented by people speaking multiple languages.
An example could be tourist destinations catering for clients from across the globe.
Another could be within large infrastructures eg international airports or all-inclusive hotel complexes.
And, of course, there’s the web.
Licensing of the Kefi Link Icon

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You are welcome to use the Kefi Link Icon in your own designs – in exchange for an active hyperlink to