Kefi Link Icon Victory Fitness Beach

Kefi Link Icon surrounds the double chain link symbol with two curved arrows. Its intention is to suggest a link or an association between two or more items.
Presenting it with the “Tap, Scan, Link” images gives an indication to the viewer of anticipated actions.

The Kefi Link Icon design was created for use primarily with icons and symbols to aid communication in scenarios where multiple languages are in use.

In the physical world these could include international airports, all-inclusive hotel complexes, large rail stations and holiday destinations.

On the web it is designed to help break-down the barriers that unfamiliar languages might otherwise present.

It may also aid with the readability of written texts – both in hard copy and on the web.

It may also help with annotations such as references to footnotes – by providing a clickable image direct to the reference rather than requiring the reader to scroll on a page to the footnotes to access them.
This example was created in collaboration with Victory Fitness Beach –
Please see for information about licensing of the Kefi Link Icon image and derivatives.

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